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THAI Massage Basel Switzerland

ThanTawan HealthCare Switzerland offers professional Thai Massages for holistic therapy & salutary wellness since 15 years in Basel.

We specialize in therapeutic Thai Massages, as we individualize our massage treatment in reference to your symptoms.

Our traditional Thai Massage techniques are intentionally aimed to efficiently ease tension, induration and pain in the musculoskeletal system. 

But our Massages also reduce stress, tenseness and fatigue of the mind.

As stress, pain and tensions are alleviated, your body, mind & soul are vitalized and harmonized.

Therefore naturally and effectively your mental and physical well-being are reconciled.

Supported by our beautiful ambiance, body, mind and soul will come to a healthy state of relaxation.

„Best of the Best“
2021, 2022 and 2023

Travelers‘ Choice „Best of the Best“ award is the highest honor that TripAdvisor bestows. 

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Open: Mo – Su 10am – 8:30pm

– Sunday open –

Wellness Gift Idea: Give Wellbeing and Health

The Thai Massge Gift Certificate & Wellness Voucher

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Traditional Thai Massage Basel

Thai Massage as high quality therapy and relaxing wellness.

A Thai Massage can work wonders for stress, pain, tension and fatigue.

As a holistic therapy, Thai Massages relieve stress symptoms naturally and effectively.

By activating the natural self-healing powers, they have a particularly healing, balancing and vitalizing effect on body, mind and soul.

We individualize our massage techniques with special consideration of your symptoms.

In addition to releasing persisting muscular blockages, mental and emotional blockages can also be loosened and even resolved through deep relaxation.

Supported by the peaceful atmosphere of our heavenly wellness oasis, the mental and physical well-being is naturally and effectively returned to blissful harmony.

Also ideal as a gift: Thai Massage voucher as a gift card.

Anti-Stress Massage Basel

The Anti-Stress Massage reduces the physiological consequences of stress naturally and effectively.

Its main focus is to release tensions in head, neck, shoulder and back.

Above all it is a pure stress calming & relaxation massage that reduces the burden of everyday life and also leaves the soul room to dream.

In addition it has long-term effects, as it replenishes the entire organism with new energy, alleviates inner tensions and fatigue, while promoting better sleep.

In conclusion, this massage is leading the whole person back into vital balance, thereby serving as effective burnout prevention and enhancing self-sufficient stress managing capability.

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Hot-Oil Massage Basel

The Hot Oil Massage is a true firework of heavenly, soothing relaxation through the use of our essential massage oil and is an unforgettable experience for body, mind and soul.

We use a special massage oil formula, with a high proportion of essential oils. These have analgetic as well as blood flow stimulating effects.

Therefore the Hot Oil Massage promotes better blood circulation, reduction of stress & pain, general regeneration, deep relaxation and skin care.

In combination with our beautiful ambience your body, mind and soul will come to a perfect state of relaxation.

Couples Massage Basel

Surprise you partner with a couples massage!

Corresponding physical regeneration – unified calming of your souls.

Let yourself be pampered together with your partner, a friend or relative, side by side in one exclusive room.

And at the same time: You rest comfortably on two loungers next to each other and enjoy mutually the gentle movements of the massage.

As a result of the combination of professional massage with our beautiful ambiance, your body, mind and soul, especially in union with your partner, will come to a perfect state of relaxation.

Massage Basel Gift Certificate

The ideal Christmas Gift Idea:

The Thai Massage Gift Voucher

Shopping for someone else but no gift idea or not sure what to give them?

Surprise them with the gift of choice: a Thai Massage gift voucher.

Give the best Thai Massage in Basel to a loved one with our Thaimassage gift cards.

A Thai Massage gift certificate is the perfect gift for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, Christmas, corporate gifting – anything!

Give the gift that’s never re-gifted: a massage gift card…

Surprise someone you care for with pure wellbeing and a healthy & relaxing timeout at ThanTawan Basel.

Quattro Massage Basel

The only thing better than a Thai Massage ist getting two Thaimassages at the same time.

The Quattro Massage is a four handed full-body massage for our particularly tense customers or for the sophisticated who would like to try something special.

Naturally and essentially twice as effective two masseuses will be synchronously alleviate your fatigue, relax tensions and release muscular blockages. 

As a result and due to the combination with our beautiful ambience your body, mind and soul will come twice as fast to a perfect state of relaxation.

CBD Massage Oil Upgrade Basel

Here Thai Massage and Naturopathy complement each other in a particularly effective way.

As an oil, CBD can also have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and mood-lifting effects through the skin.

In addition Hemp Oil can be directly & locally applied to the problematic areas.

Therefore this Cannabidiol massage causes a exponentiation of salutary effects through synergism.

With heavenly, soothing relaxation, it will be your unforgettable experience for body, mind and soul.

Above all, CBD does not get you „high“, is legal and has no addictive properties.

You can enhance any of your massages with a CBD massage oil upgrade.

Sportsmassage Basel

The Sportsmassage completes the holistic workout plan by active regeneration through passive fitness.

The focus is on the stressed muscle areas.

Most importantly these are massaged with an intensifying and prolonged pressure and stretched passively.

Therefore this increases the oxygen supply, regenerates the muscles and relaxes tension.

In short, Sportsmassages naturally and effectively enhance performance through higher regeneration capacity.

As a result they promote the psycho-physical well-being of the athlete.

These muscle massages also serve as a dynamic preparation for training or competition.

Foot Reflexology Massage Basel

The reflexology massage is a safe, natural and efficient alternative healing method.

It works through the technique of massage and gentle pressure on the feet or hands to bring about a deep state of relaxation and stimulate the body’s healing processes.

Reflexology improves mood, promotes sleep and relieves stress and tension.

The best way to discover the benefits of reflexology is to try it out.


We charge CHF 100.- per hour per massage.

ThanTawan HealthCare offers best Thai Massages in Basel for over 12 years now.

Your trust and our commitment to professional & high quality massages, service and ambiance has made that possible.

Four individual wellness oases in our beautiful practice guarantee a safe, quiet, undisturbed individual relax atmosphere.

ThanTawan: Our Philosophy

ThanTawan is the name of the SunFlower in Thailand. The * ist our symbol for her.

In Thailand she is worshiped not only for her beauty, but also because she has the property to follow the sun with her flowering and therefore the power and endurance to stand up to the overpowering life-giving but also life-destroying sun, all without to dry up.

Thus, she embodies intelligence and courage, and as a symbol of nature and the infinity of the living, a rich treasure of perfection, wisdom and spirituality are attributed to her.

Friendly, experienced and competent masseuses, four beautiful, quiet, separate & safe massage rooms, gentle music and an invigorating and soothing shower, especially after the Thai Oil Massage, round of the traditional Thai Massage treatment to a soothing and unforgettable wellness experience.

You can book online or call to make your appointment.

Our Thai Massage Studio Basel is sunday open.